The Certificate in Law – Intellectual Property program was developed specifically to address the increasing demand on individuals and organizations to safeguard their intellectual property (IP) assets, such as inventions, marks, technological innovations, and artistic works.

The Certificate is an excellent credential for those who work in any industry and desire formal training on how to protect brands, ideas, inventions, marks, and original creations through intellectual property and cybersecurity laws. The knowledge gained from this curriculum will benefit a wide range of disciplines and be particularly useful to inventors, scientists, developers, engineers, designers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, investors, those who manage intellectual property or cybersecurity, and those who work in the legal field.  

Professional Outlook


Top 5 Benefits


    1. Career Development & Advancement Potential

    Working professionals who complete the Certificate will obtain a valuable credential that can be immediately applied to their work or potential work creating, managing, and monitoring intellectual property and cybersecurity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions that deal directly with intellectual property and cybersecurity topics and laws will see notable growth through the year 2026.


    2. Increased Need for IP Strategy in the Marketplace

    Corporations and individuals hold a vast number of assets in the form of intellectual property – patents, copyrights, and trademarks. From 2004-2016, there has been a significant increase in intellectual property filings, with U.S. patent applications up 41%, trademark applications up nearly 43%, and copyright applications remaining steady. During this same time period, worldwide patent applications rose nearly 50% and trademark applications rose by 54%. As a result, organizations have expanded their intellectual property staff to include lawyers, non-lawyers, and technology experts, who manage and monitor ideas, inventions, brands, and more. 

    3. Impact on Wide Range of Positions and Industries

    The Certificate in Law – Intellectual Property will provide critical training for a range of professionals, including inventors, scientists, developers, engineers, designers, artists, writers, investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as those who manage intellectual property or cybersecurity, or work in the legal field. Established corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and individual professionals are all subject to the intensifying emphasis placed on safeguarding ideas, inventions, marks, trade secrets, and more. Increased competition and the risk of cybertheft and patent and mark infringement can lead to significant harm on an organization’s brand, assets, customers, and fiscal proclivity. The Certificate program will provide strategy and execution grounded in law to aim to prevent and address such issues.

    4. Convenience & Flexible Online Format

    The Certificate in Law – Intellectual Property is being offered part-time and 100% online. Each of the four seven-week courses will be delivered by a legal expert in a convenient and flexible online format that allows students to access coursework, recorded video lectures, assignments, discussion boards, and live engagement opportunities with instructors and classmates. Coursework will become available each week and can be completed at the students’ convenience anywhere they have an internet connection. Additionally, a full orientation is provided inside the online course itself and technical support is available 24/7. All knowledge testing, final exams, and grading will be conducted within the online course portal, so there will never be a need to step foot on campus.

    5. Affordable Legal Training without Applying to Law School

    Although the Certificate in Law – Intellectual Property is being offered by prestigious Detroit Mercy Law and is delivered by its highly accomplished faculty, individuals pursuing the program do not need to apply to law school or pursue a JD degree. All that is required is a bachelor’s degree. A legal background is not required, although attorneys and legal professionals are welcome to apply. Additionally, the Certificate is priced nearly 38% less than similar residential MSL in IP Law programs. For new students entering the program during our September 2019 term, we are offering a limited time 25% off discount. We also offer group discounts for members of the same company or organization (contact us for details). (NOTE: Only one discount may be applied.)