Career Opportunities Spotlight: Detroit Mercy Law students hopes to pursue career in health care law.

October 18, 2021

Andrew Foley ’23 recently began his position at Ottenwess Law, an opportunity he landed through On-Campus Interviews. “I accepted a position with Ottenwess because the firm specializes in health law and litigation, areas that I could see myself practicing in as a licensed attorney in the future,” he explained.  

“Learning, and participating in, the day-to-day activities in a firm of accomplished lawyers provides me with a model of success that I strive to emulate. Additionally, being able to see and understand how lecture and theory translate into real life cases has been tremendously helpful, both academically and professionally,” Foley commented.  

“This is my second career, nursing being my first, and I know firsthand the growing pains that come while developing into a new career. I am extremely grateful that Ottenwess has provided me with the opportunity to grow, and develop, into a future health law attorney,” Foley explained. Since entering law school in Fall 2020, throughout the COVID pandemic, Foley has worked as a registered nurse over weekends.  

Foley is also a part of the JD/MBA program that is offered at Detroit Mercy Law in collaboration with the College of Business Administration.