Detroit Mercy Law Students Complete Externships in Federal Courts

September 17, 2021

Over the summer, Detroit Mercy Law students completed judicial externships in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

picture of Coriann McMillen
I decided to participate in an externship to gain insight into federal proceedings from a neutral standpoint. I learned the intricacies and complexities of federal litigation, which I know will serve me in my career. I believe the most beneficial part of my externship was the endless opportunities I had to strengthen my writing and research skills. Both skills are imperative to have as a legal professional, and I am fortunate to have gotten the practice during my externship.” Coriann McMillen '23, Judge Robert H. Cleland 



Eugene Yeung
“I was eager to spend the summer working for a federal judge to gain a front row seat to how the law is interpreted where ambiguities exist and to build on my existing legal skills. Working in chambers taught me that the law is very much human and relational. Its application has consequences and these consequences must be duly considered.”
Eugene Yeung '23 (Dual), Judge Arthur J. Tarrow 



Picture of Sarah Nassar
“Externing allowed me to see the law applied as opposed to just learning the legal concepts in class. By being able to apply the rules of civil procedure and rules from other classes, I was able to gain insight on how to prepare a case when I have clients in the future. I got advice from many judges and law clerks that have benefited me in law school.”
Sarah Nassar '23, Judge Linda V. Parker 



jonathan duforest
“During my time as an extern in Judge Parker’s chambers, I had the opportunity to draft bench memoranda and judicial opinions on complex legal issues. I also had the very unique opportunity to witness and work on the very high-profile
King v. Whitmer case throughout the summer. I was able to work on real legal issues and questions in real time while learning how to apply the classroom knowledge to the practice of law. Getting to meet and interact with so many federal judges with incredibly diverse backgrounds and share their insights about the profession was a privilege.” Jonathan DuForest '23 (Dual), Judge Linda V. Parker 


Nicholas Prys

“I learned how to write bench memos and orders in addition to how to develop supplementary materials to help breakdown a complex set of facts. This helped me gain a better understanding of how cases operate at the federal level in the Eastern District of Michigan. I was also able to develop a professional relationship with judges and law clerks.”
Nicholas Prys '23, Judge Terrence Berg