Detroit Mercy Law Students Complete Externships in Government Offices

September 15, 2021

Over the summer, Detroit Mercy Law students completed externships in various government offices, at the county, state, and federal levels.  

Photo of Bradley Gray
I had professional experience prior to law school, but I did not have much experience in the legal field so I knew doing an externship would be a great way to get hands-on legal experience. During my externship at the National Labor Relations Board, I was able to get practice with my legal research and writing skills, sit in on hearings, take part in affidavits, and gain experience giving legal analysis to supervisors. I was able to make connections and be mentored by actual legal professionals in the federal government.” 
Bradley Gray '23, National Labor Relations Board 



Picture of Matthew Snyder
Having spent 11 years working at a large financial services company, the opportunity with the Securities and Exchange Commission was a perfect fit. I was able to leverage my knowledge and professional skillset from my prior career and combine them with the legal skills that Detroit Mercy Law had taught me to excel in a legal extern position with the Division of Examinations. I strengthened my legal skills, obtained real-world legal experience, worked for the federal government, all while receiving course credit.”
Matthew Snyder '23, Securities and Exchange Commission 



Picture of Macy Murasky
As an extern I was able to get a glimpse into the world of criminal law. I had the opportunity to attend court hearings, draft legal letters, utilize different research platforms, and evaluate the viability of many wrongful conviction cases. The Conviction Integrity Unit allowed me to refine integral skills, such as my legal writing, oral advocacy, and research. I will be able to apply these skills into my final two years of law school and my future legal career.” Macy Murasky '23, Michigan Department of the Attorney General, Conviction Integrity Unit  



Photo of Madison Orow
“I have always wanted to be a prosecutor, and hopefully one day a judge, so I was eager to extern somewhere where I would learn more about those positions. I learned that patience is key when you’re an attorney. Sometimes, you may not find the answer or a case you are looking for right away but having patience and good research skills can help create a path for success.
” Madison Orow '23, Michigan Department of the Attorney General, Civil Rights Division