Law Review

Since 1916, the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review has contributed to the legal scholarship of the State of Michigan and the nation. Through its publications, the Law Review is committed to exposing important issues in Michigan as well as in the United States, and is devoted to finding practical solutions to these problems.

You may recognize the University of Detroit Mercy Law Review from our articles that have been cited in opinions from the United States Supreme Court, United States Circuit Courts of Appeals, and numerous state supreme courts. University of Detroit Mercy Law Review articles have also been heavily cited in party and amicus briefs submitted to the United States Supreme Court. Articles published by the University of Detroit Mercy Law review were relied on in briefs submitted in Obergefell v. Hodges, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., and Hollingsworth v. Perry to name a few.

This student-led organization publishes one volume with three issues a year and hosts an annual symposium to discuss topics of developing legal significance and scholarly debate. The Law Review strives to provide opportunities for its members to improve their research, writing, and analytical skills, as well as develop a greater sense of the culture of the legal profession.

If you have any questions, wish to subscribe, or submit you can contact the editorial board of the Detroit Mercy Law Review.


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