Recognizing Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage: Kumar Palepu '10

May 16, 2024

Kumar PalepuKumar Palepu ’10 grew up not as connected to his culture as he is now. “Where I grew up, I was probably the only minority or one of just a couple that I can recall.”

“Undergrad was eye opening for just being more comfortable with who I was, and I'd say that even more so when I came to Detroit Mercy Law, because Southeastern Michigan has so many different people from different walks of life and different cultures that you can really you don't feel different at all,” explained Palepu, who identifies as Asian India.

Palepu believes representation in the legal field is critical. “It's so valuable to have different perspectives, no matter what legal fields you're in. I'm currently in a prosecutor’s office and I think that it's important to have someone from every walk of life in an office like mine”

“I don't see many Asian Indians in in my space. And if I do, I know most of them. My hope is that someone may see one of us and then feel like it's an opportunity for them, or an option for them to do the same thing.”

Palepu currently serves as a commissioner for the State of Michigan’s Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission, whose mission is to be a vocal advocate for these communities, ensuring their fair access and active involvement in crucial sectors like government, business and education.